Monday, May 23, 2016

When Krishna Calls: The ARC Winners

Last week I offered giveaways of ARCs of When Krishna Calls, the new Anita Ray mystery, on
DorothyL and my blog. I left the final decision up to my dog, Rob, who always enjoys being in the limelight. After much sniffing and yipping, which may have been directed to another dog passing by on the sidewalk outside my office window, Rob made his choices. And as soon as he was done, he promptly took a nap, exhausted from his duties.

This week I'm sending ARCs to seven lucky winners: Caryn St. Clair, Lynn Demsky, Sandra Kisner, Judi, Pamela Thibodeau, Carol M, and Carole Price. I'll notify each individual separately if I have contact information. (I'll wait to hear from Carol M and Judi.)

I'm be running a Goodreads Giveaway from May 27 to June 5.

In the glorious beauty of a tropical night, a young woman abandons her daughter in the Hotel Delite compound and flees into the darkness. In the morning Anita Ray recognizes the child as the daughter of an employee, but before she can track her down, the police arrive at the hotel looking for her. She is the main suspect in the stabbing death of her husband. This seems impossible to Anita, but so does the discovery that Nisha and her husband were involved with unscrupulous moneylenders from their family's village.

Anita is ready to let the police do their work as she prepares for a one-woman photography show in a prestigious gallery, but fate conspires against her. An accident wrecks her schedule as well as her car. She sets up her camera for one last shot, but it fails to work. When she inspects the camera she finds a piece of paper wrapped aroun the batteries and someone else's memory card inside.

Whether she likes it or not, Anita is drawn into the frantic search for a young mother and the murky world of moneylenders and debts of honor, a hidden corner of life in South India.

When Krishna Calls asks how far will a woman go for love and family? Anita Ray thinks she knows how Nisha would answer, but before it is all over Anita must also answer that question. How far will she go to protect her family and her home?

The fourth mystery in the Anita Ray series is now ready for pre-order.

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