When Krishna Calls
An Anita Ray Mystery 

In the glorious beauty of a tropical night, a young woman abandons her daughter in the Hotel Delite compound and flees into the darkness. In the morning Anita Ray recognizes the child as the daughter of an employee, but before she can track her down, the police arrive at the hotel looking for her. She is the main suspect in the stabbing death of her husband. 

Anita is ready to let the police do their work as she prepares for a one-woman photography show in a prestigious gallery, but fate conspires against her. An accident wrecks her schedules as well as her car. She sets up her camera for one last shot, but it fails to work. When she inspects her camera she finds a piece of paper wrapped around the batteries and someone else's memory card inside.

Whether she likes it or not, Anita is drawn into the frantic search for a young mother and the murky world of moneylenders and bets of honor, a hidden corner of life in South India.

When Krishna Calls asks how far will a woman go for love and family? Anita Ray thinks she knows how Nisha would answer, but before it is all over, Anita must also answer that question. How far will she go to protect her family and her home?

For the Love of Parvati
An Anita Ray Mystery 

In the foothills of South India a man struggles against ropes tying him to an old bridge while the monsoon rages and wild animals forage for food. In the valley below, Anita Ray and Auntie Meena are stopped at a roadblock while their car is searched. 

When Anita and Meena arrive at their destination, Lalita Amma’s household is in turmoil. During a break in the rain, Anita discovers a body washed into the riverbank. The police whisk away the corpse and refuse to answer questions. 

For the Love of Parvati brings Anita Ray face to face with a killer determined to exact revenge for a code of honor broken, a lover determined to rescue his beloved, and a woman desperate to build a new life. 

The Wrath of Shiva 
An Anita Ray Mystery

On an old estate along a quiet river in South India, a family waits for the arrival of a granddaughter they haven't seen in quite a while. When she fails to appear, they begin to worry. 

Anita Ray arrives at her grandmother's house to comfort the family and try to figure out where her cousin has got to. While she is there, a maidservant falls into a trance and reports that Devi, the Great Goddess, is angry with the family, very angry. Even worse, the maidservant predicts that Surya, the granddaughter, will never arrive. When the family astrologer advises an exorcism to cure the maidservant, Anita becomes curious about the astrologer, his associates, and a number of family antiques that have gone missing. 

The Wrath of Shiva takes the reader into a little-known world in Kerala, South India, a place of sacred groves and gods who guard them, of devotees who face divine possession and exorcists who would cure them, of treasures that lie scattered across the Indian landscape and those who would claim them.

Under the Eye of Kali
An Anita Ray Mystery

Five Star/Worlwide

The glorious tropical world of South India is poisoned by the death of an American tourist and the near death of her traveling companion. Both women were nurses, one of whom was smuggling medical supplies across the border to those in need. Anita Ray, fearing that greater danger is waiting, works to solve the murder before someone 
else is killed and her aunt's business is ruined.

Come About for Murder 

A Mellingham Mystery 
Hale Street Press, 2016

Deb Connolly drowns after falling overboard on an afternoon sail, and her husband commits suicide two days later. Annie Beckwith is distraught over the loss of her sister and her sister's husband. Chief Joe Silva and the other authorities don't doubt the report of Deb's sailing partner, Cecily Harris, a woman known to be afraid of the water and unfamiliar with sailing. But a sharp eye at the marina where the boat has been drydocked discovers evidence of tampering on crucial equipment. In this idyllic town on the coast, Joe deals with two deaths while teaching his stepson to sail. Philip is a natural on the water, and this turns out to be a very good thing when he finds himself sailing for his life.

Murder in Mellingham
Introducing Chief of Police Joe Silva

Now available for Kindle

Chief Silva investigates the death of a New York socialite during a visit to her brother and his wife. Quiet Mellingham is suddenly awash with salt sea air and biting memories of Beth O'Donnell.

Double Take
A Mellingham Mystery

Now available for Kindle.

The Massasoit College of Art erupts in violence, unsettling the teachers' placid lives and confidence in their own work, frightening students who wonder whom they can trust. Chickie Morelli sows distrust and fear just by walking into a room, and local sculptor Henry Muir is moving to a crisis in his own life.

Family Album
A Mellingham Mystery

Now available on for Kindle.

When George Frome, the curator of the Arbella House historical society determined to drag the society members into the modern world, is found murdered, no one in Mellingham can believe it, except Chief Joe Silva. Adding to his worries is the strange behavior of Gwen McDuffy, a new single mother in town who has caught Joe's eye.

Friends and Enemies

A Mellingham Mystery

Now available for Kindle.

Eliot Keogh has been looking forward to his high school reunion for years, ever since he discovered that someone in Mellingham was responsible for his father going to prison. But while Eliot is clumsily investigating his past, someone else is settling scores in the present. Vic Rabelard is found near death and his wife gone, and the 25th reunion of Mellingham High School is turning into a deadly affair.

A Murderous Innocence

A Mellingham Mystery

Now available for Kindle.

The quiet safe life of Mellingham is shattered by two deaths in quick succession. Ron Faroli is no sooner laid to rest than his friend Miles Stine falls to his death from his apartment window. Joe knows Mellingham has its share of dark shadows and he explores many of them, worrying in the back of his mind that Gwen's son Philip might also be involved. The tragedies he uncovers come too close to home for comfort.

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